About the Young Idea is an official body specialising in The Jam memorabilia we are most famous our exhibitions which were displayed at the Somerset House in London & The Cunard Building, Liverpool. We stock and sell everything from our own About the Young Idea t-shirts, bags, mugs to never before seen exclusive prints. This website is for The Jam fans, collectors and worldwide traders.

Please note that any large pieces of our exhibition such as display walls can only be purchased privately via email, please do not hesitate to enquire about anything via our contact page. We have a lot of stock that is not yet listed on our website.

Not to mention our auction house which will be responsible for selling some of the rarer and more sought after Jam memorabilia and will be released within the next few weeks, we are huge fans of bringing together a community of those who are as equally fanatical about The Jam as we are, which is why we plan to also set up a social media platform as well so you can connect with other like-minded people.

Our official online shop is now open for business!

Our online shop is packed full of Jam memorabilia and goodies, be sure to have a thorough browse at your leisure and start adding to your collection.

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Re-visit the Exhibition


Re-visit the Exhibition